Home Alarm Monitoring, Fax, 911, TTY and more with Straight Talk Home Phone Cellular Service

Straight Talk Home Phone Availability

If you're considering the Straight Talk home phone service then you may be wondering how it compares to you to your regular home phone. You may also be wondering what other services and/or devices will work with the Huawei H226c. On this page, we take a look at what the device can and can't do.

Phone Compatibility

The Straight Talk Home phone service will work with any touch tone phone. Old rotary phones without touch tone capabilities will not work.

911 Emergency Calling

Emergency 911 calling is fully compatible. In the US we have what is called Enhanced 911 or E911 which is designed to assist in locating mobile devices. Since this service is basically a cell phone, the E911 service is equipped to work with the Straight Talk Home Phone service. Additionally, the Huawei H226c has GPS capabilities so it can be located that way if you're local emergency responders are so equipped. If they are not GPS equipped, the device can be located through triangulation using the cell phone tower it using. Either way, the service is fully compatible with 911. If this is high concern for you, say for elderly or impaired users, you may want to check with your local authorities before using the service.

Alarm Monitoring Dialing

One of the main concerns with this type of service is whether it will work with your existing home alarm monitoring services such as ADT. The answer is yes but not unless you have a cellular dialer. Typically, home alarm system monitoring requires a wired home phone but that is a thing of the past. Most alarm monitoring services now have what is called a cellular dialer. ADT for instance has something called Cellguard. This is basically a monitoring service that dials your cell phone instead of the hard phone line. As with all things in life, it's not free of course, at least not yet. Cell phone dialers are typically an upgrade to your existing monitoring service and can cost around $300, at least with ADT. Other monitoring services can be found for cheaper.

The reason for the extra cost is that it requires an additional device to be installed so of course they charge extra for that. So if this is a real concern for you, then perhaps the Straight Talk Home Phone service is not for you. However, if you already have a cellular dialer, then yes, the Straight Talk Home phone service will definitely work along side you alarm monitoring service.

If this is a concern, be sure to check with your alarm monitoring service before taking the plunge.

Answering Machines

Remember that your service will come with voice mail so an answering machine will not really be necessary. That said, the Straight Talk home phone service work just fine with modern answering machines.

Fax dialing

At this time there is no adapter on the market that supports inbound or outgoing faxes when using the Straight talk Home Phone service.

Dial up Internet

The Straight Talk Home phone does not tether so you will not be able to use dial up internet with this service.

Hearing Impaired device Compatibility

The Straight Talk Home Phone service provides full support for hearing impaired devices such as TTY (Text telephony) and TTD (Telecommunications Device for the Deaf). This is typical for all cell phones nowadays so the Huawei H226C is no different and fully compatible.

Power Outages

One of the neat things about the Huawei H226c is that it has a back up battery for power outage situations. In fact, the device can operate for up to 2hrs of talk time and up to 2 days of stand by time. Of course if you have a cordless phone, then you will not be able to make any calls as your cordless phone will use its own power supply. A regular touch tone wired phone will work just fine.