Straight Talk Home Phone FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Straight Talk Home Phone service. Hopefully, these will clear up any questions you may have before diving into the Straight Talk savings.

Straight Talk Home Phone Availability

Service FAQ

What cellular network does the Straight Talk Home phone use?
Straight Talk uses the Verizon network to provide service. Please check our coverage area page to see the Straight Talk Home phone calling area coverage.

Do I need high speed internet to activate the Straight Talk Home Phone?
No! The service uses the Verizon cellular coverage area. In essence, the device is nothing more than a cell phone that you can connect your home phone to. Your home phone can then make and receive calls through the device just as if you had it connected to a regular phone jack.

Will I still have caller ID, 3 way calling and voice mail with the Straight Talk Home Phone service
Yes. All of the regular home phone services will work with the Straight Talk Home phone service without additional charge. You will even get free 411 service.

How does the voicemail work on the Straight Talk home phone service
Callers will get a voicemail prompt very similar to what they would get if they called a cell phone. You can then check your voicemail by dialing your own number and entering your pin. The device does not store messages or anything like that. Additionally, the device has a little light that alerts you when you have a voicemail.

How is the voice quality on this thing
Keep in mind that the device behaves just like a regular cell phone so call quality will be similar to that of a cell phone so. That said, based on our tests, the voice quality is quite good even in low signal situations.

Does this thing drop calls like a regular cell phone?
Not really. Most cell phones drop calls because they are mobile so you may be in and out of good coverage areas. This device will be stationary for the most part so if you have at least 1 signal bar you will probably not have dropped calls.

Can I take this thing with me like in RV or if I travel
Yes. That is one of the cool things about this device. You can take it with you and it will work as long as there is Verizon coverage where you go. Keep in mind that you will need to have power as the battery only lasts for up to an hour or so. The device will not work internationally.

Is the device affected by weather conditions
No. Weather conditions do not affect the service. It uses regular cell phone towers to get a signal which are not really affected by weather.

I found a used Straight Talk Home Phone device, can I still use it?
Yes. You must ask the seller to provide you the account information. If the seller has activated the device, then you will need the account information to reactivate.

Can Emergency Services find me if I use this device
Yes. Many localities now use GPS to locate a cell phone in case of emergencies. Additionally, they can use triangulation to locate the device just like they would on a regular cell phone. Please check with your local emergency services to confirm their capabilities if this is a major concern.

Straight Talk Home Phone Availability

Technical Questions

I have activated my device but I cannot make calls
Make sure you have finalized your activation by dialing *22890. Your activation is not complete until you call that from your home phone connected to the device. Call the Straight Talk customer service number if the device does not work after an hour or so. Activation is usually done within 10 minutes.

My signal light does not come on, what's up with that
The included antenna must be connected for your device to get a signal so make sure you have that screwed on properly. Verify that you have Verizon coverage in your area.

Can I still use my device if my battery dies?
Yes. The battery is nothing more than a back up when you are using the included A/C adapter.

How can I get to my voicemail and/or change my voicemail settings?
Simply dial *86 to get to the voicemail. You will setup a pin on the first call and can access your voicemail there after. You can call Straight Talk customer service to reset your pin in case you forget it.