Straight Talk Home Phone Service Calling Plans

The Straight Talk home phone service has 2 calling plans available to suit all of your needs. Both are very affordable and considerably less expensive than a regular land line. Additionally, both plans are very competitive with traditional VOIP services such as Vonage. Now keep in mind that this is not VOIP as the service does not require an internet connection. Here are the two available calling plans and what they provide.

Straight Talk Home Phone Availability

$15 Straight Talk Home Phone Calling Plan

The basic calling plan covers local and Nationwide long distance unlimited calling. In addition to that, you get the traditional voicemail, caller id, call waiting, call forwarding, 3 way calling and 411 just as you would with a typical land line. There are no contracts, overage, maintenance, setup or cancellation fees. All you pay is a flat $15 for the entire service. That's a pretty sweet deal! Of course, you do have to purchase the Huawei H226c device.

$30 Straight Talk Home Phone calling Plan

This is the deluxe version, if you will. You get all of the above with the addition of unlimited International calling to countries including Mexico, Canada and India. Please check the Straight Talk Home Phone page for a full list of international calling countries. Please be aware that the device will only work in the continental US and Puerto Rico so you cannot take it with you if you are traveling abroad. Do feel free to take it with you on vacation any where in the US if you wish!

Straight Talk Auto Refill and Service End Date

Both calling plans above will give you 30 days of service just like the regular Straight Talk prepaid cell phone calling cards. Remember, that you will not have a contract so you will not be billed in anyway shape or form. There are 2 ways to renew, manually renew every 30 days by purchasing another 30 days from the Straight Talk website. This is a good option but don't forget or you may loose your phone number! Keep in mind that letting your service lapse can still result in permanently loosing your number even if you ported an existing number. The best solution is to use the Auto Refill option which authorizes Straight Talk to debit your selected plan every 30 days from a credit card, debit card or bank account.

Changing Straight Talk Home Phone Calling Plans

One of the cool things about the the service is that you can switch plans at any time. So you can switch between the $15 and $30 as your budget or needs require from month to month without any extra fees or penalties. The best time to do this is when your 30 days are up so that you don't loose any remaining service days.