How to Setup The Straight Talk Huawei H226c Home Phone Device

Here we will learn how easy it is to set up the Huawei H226c Straight Talk home phone device. You won't need a PHD in Rocket Science here because setup is easy and straight forward.

1. Mount the device by either setting it on your table top or counter top. For those with a bit of a DIY streak, you can mount the device on the wall as it is fully equipped with mounting holes.

2. Now it is time to Activate the Huawei H226c device on the Straight Talk Home page. Once on the page, simply click on the Activate/Reactivate option. If you are porting in your home phone number, then select the third choice, "Activate my Straight Talk phone with a number transferred from another company". This will begin the port in process. Be aware that you will need a few pieces of information, which Straight Talk will ask for. If you would like a new phone number, then select the first choice. Your Home Phone kit will include a red card with the serial number of the device which you will need. The serial number or meid is also on the back of the device just below the Tracfone Wireless barcode in case you've misplaced the card. Be aware that the Huawei H226c must be fully charged before activating.

3. If you are porting in your existing home phone number, you will need to wait for the port in process to complete. Depending on your existing carrier, this may take a day or two. If you are activating a new number this more than likely take no more than 10 minutes.

4. Once your service is active, connect your home phone to either port 1 or port 2 of the device. The ports are located on the back of the device. You will also need to connect the antenna to the antenna port located on the right hand side of the device when looking at the back.

5. Once your device has been activated on the Straight Talk web page and is hooked up to your phone, you will need wait 2 minutes then call *22890 from your home telephone. This will complete the activation and the device is ready to go.

5. At this point, you are all done in terms of set up so it's time to get the service going.

6. Assuming that the device is active, you are now ready to start using but before you get too excited, you should probably setup your voice mail. This is easily accomplished by dialing *86 and following the prompts.

7. Congratulations! You are now saving well over 60% on your home phone service!