Straight Talk Cellular Home Phone is all about saving you some cold hard cash. How you may ask? With the revolutionary Straight Talk Cell Phone to Home phone plan that's how! Now this isn't your traditional voice over ip or high speed internet home phone. You see, the Straight Talk cell phone to home phone is something entirely different because you don't need to shell out for high speed. Instead, it uses a simple device that connects to your home phone yet uses cell phone coverage for service. Interested, check out our site to learn all about it!

Why Use the Straight Talk Cellular to Home Phone?

Unlimited calling for just $15 a month, long distance included or $30 for local, long distance and international calling.

No need to pay for high speed internet which saves you even more cash over traditional VOIP services.

Includes extras like caller ID, voice mail, call forwarding and 3 way calling.

No contracts, termination fees or set up fees.

Easily port your existing home phone at no extra charge.

Highly portable, take your home phone with you anywhere!